Drovision Story

In 2022, a vision was born to establish a brand that doesn’t abide by the rules or put itself in a box. The creative talents of Lisandro aka Dro have led his brand, Drovision, to quickly establish a name for itself since its creation. Originally from Venezuela, Dro immigrated to the United States at 3 years old. After spending his childhood in Boston and the Midwest, Dro relocated to South Florida as a teenager. He eventually made his way to Tallahassee, where he has now been living for 5 years and is dedicated to growing his brand. Dro’s upbringing influences his creative vision, which acts as an amalgamation of his inspirations and experiences. 

Before the official creation of Drovision, Dro and his friend Juan Sanchez (founder of Emerald) worked together to produce hats and t-shirts. While sifting through pawn shops in search of an old TV, they stumbled upon a vinyl cutter. Inspired by the latest find, Dro bought a pair of Urban Outfitters sunglasses and embossed the Emerald logo on one side and the Drovision logo on the other. By fusing together Dro’s artistry and Juan’s engineering, the prototype for Drovision was created. Through Drovision, Dro aims to not only sell a product, but a feeling. He doesn’t consider himself someone who just sells glasses. Instead, he aims to create a sense of community, expand his creative horizons, and venture into new terrains. He believes that by viewing life through different lenses, we can learn from each other and unite through creativity. 


Written by Jayna O

   ig: @jaynaseo